Peaceful Alchemy is a Business with a social conscience


When we have peace within we can have peace outwith.


Alchemy is the process of turning metal into gold.

Peaceful Alchemy

Yoga and all of its teachings can help us navigate the different phases of womanhood with grace and wisdom. Peaceful Alchemy creates time and space  in natural environments to step off life’s treadmill to re-connect, refocus and replenish our bodies and minds.


Peaceful Alchemy birthed in 2018 to provide a place for women to experience ways to live a more connected, happier and healthier life through the successful “Peaceful Warrior” programme.  Since then we have evolved, learning and practicing and sharing new ways to improve our physical and emotional health through working in sync with natures daylight, eating food that nurtures and is in season, going with the flow as energy rises and falls during the moon cycle and keeping life simple.  We have delved deeper into the benefits of being outside in our natural environment to bring us closer to how our ancestors lived,  we are biologically attuned to be within nature and exposed to the elements.  The next step of our journey advocates wellbeing through hot and cold thermo therapy by introducing Wild Sauna – Wild Yoga in Nature, bringing people together to experience yoga, pranayama, meditation and sauna in beautiful locations across Scotland.

Yoga has been my gateway and will forever be my foundation, my career in the public sector is also my grounding, I believe in a holistic, collective approach that strengthens and uplifts people and communities so a social enterprise is a perfect fit for me. Peaceful Alchemy enables me to share my knowledge and bring people together to support and nurture each other in every stage and phase of life. Everyone has the right to be all they can be – despite their background and life experiences.

Natalie x


“when we truly open our heart and move from peaceful stillness, we can befriend our fierceness”,

Heatherash Amara Warrior Goddess Training