Wild Sauna

Our Finnish sauna tent is heated by a traditional wood burning stove.  Experience the heat in beautiful locations and be barefoot and free surrounded by all of natures glory!

Benefits of Thermo Therapy (Hot & Cold Exposure)

  • Micro-dosing the body with stress through heat and cold exposure provides a greater release of noradrenaline and that helps us cope better with stressful situations in daily life

  • Heat exposure releases serotonin naturally to “self soothe” and improve our emotional and cognitive state

  • Cold exposure triggers a mental flight or flight response, controlling the breathe and power of the mind proves we are in control and we leave the water feeling we can conquer the world

  • Reduces inflammation in the body, improves cardiovascular health and increases athletic recovery

  • Combining the power of cold exposure and heat exposure together amplifies the benefits



“When we sit in Golden Silence in the sauna we can hear our heart beat loudly in our ears.  Feel the diaphragm rise and fall as the breath enters then leaves the body.  Blood circulating and pores opening to allow the stresses we do not need leave the body.  We leave the sauna tent and float lighter than when we entered.  Filled to the brim with feel good hormones that bring pleasure and contentment that we then spread to everyone else we meet.” 

Natalie x

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Where to find us…

Its early days but for now you will find us….

By the rivers that flow – River Devon

By the peace of the Lochs – Loch Lubnaig

By the sea with all her glorious elements – Troon Beach & Irvine Beach

If you have a location you’d like to experience what we offer – get in touch we are always on the look out for new places ?

We will be on Tour through Scotland too


How we spend our time there….

Book at Bookwhen https://bookwhen.com/peacefulalchemy

Weekly Routine: – Sunday Sunrise Yoga and Sauna (optional cold water dip)

                                                                       Sunday Simply Sauna (optional cold water dip)

                                                                                     Sunday Sauna, Pranayama and Meditation

Yoga – Meditation – Pranayama – Circle – Fire – Earth – Water – Air – Become aware of and enjoy the Elements in Nature

Monthly :- Special events – details coming soon