Every class or event you purchase unlocks a free provision for someone in the community.

Working with Peaceful Alchemy means you are investing in an integrated approach to mental and physical wellbeing for your workforce and the local community too.

Health, wellbeing and mental resilience can impact upon absence rates, performance, productivity, relationships, communication and culture within the workplace. By supporting and investing in people, as individuals and as teams, we can create positive change.

Some of our programmes relate specifically  to women’s issues, such as Making Peace with the Menopause, however all of our Corporate Wellbeing events, workshops, retreats and classes are open to everyone.


To book any of the events listed below, please contact us using either our contact form, or you can give us a call on 07786 976539 or send us an email to peaceful.alchemyltd@gmail.com

Peaceful Warrior Workplace Programme – “Resilient Minds and Strong Relationships”

Encouraging self awareness, recognising internal responses and emotions, and learning how to manage and control them in a positive way so that communication stays positive and constructive.

We will learn the physiology and psychology of emotions and how to prevent the “amygdala hi-jack’. When we have power within we have peace outwith.

Duration: Full Day

Team Event – Yoga Philosophy: “How Eastern Wisdom can Solve Western problems”

This is a unique but functional event that teaches the 8 Paths of Yoga.
If you are looking for something different for staff events or team building, this event provides the opportunity to reflect and connect; shift the mindset and learn Eastern wisdom through the Teachings of Patanjali’s 8 Paths of Yoga.

No yoga experience or interest is necessary the Paths will be relatable to everyday living and relevant to the workplace.

Duration: From 1 day to weekend retreats. Events can be delivered to include specific organisation objectives.

Yoga Classes

Regular yoga classes build strength in our bodies and our minds. The physical movement of the body on the mat and the control of the breath calms the central nervous system and quietens the mind. Practicing yoga increases focus, clarity and concentration and can reduce anxiety and stress. Classes can be delivered within the workplace or an external venue and are usually delivered before or after the working day or during lunch breaks and with specifically chosen Asanas depending on the time of day to energise or relax.

Duration: Between 45 minutes to 1hr 15 minutes

Making Peace with the Menopause

The menopause is a natural part of ageing and studies have shown symptoms can have a significant impact on attendance and performance in the workplace. Women play a vital role in our economy and employers have a duty to support women during this phase of life. Yoga can be the calm in the storm, helping women feel more in control, manage symptoms and maintain daily routine.

We can do this through Making Peace with the Menopause, a 5 week program and with weekly yoga classes.  Both can be delivered on behalf of organisations for their staff.  Individuals can access locally, outside work within the community too.  Get in touch to find out dates and venues of upcoming programs and classes.


Workplace Mediation

Reduce conflict in the workplace and build strong relationships and communication.

For situations when an independent, impartial outsider is required to facilitate resolution in the workplace. Mediation is a powerful tool that can facilitate communication in a safe and controlled environment for people to have their say and identify solutions to resolve the problem presented.

Conflict often arises when expectations are not met – the workplace is no different.