Peaceful Warrior Programme for Women

The Peaceful Warrior programme for Woman is delivered in a supportive and nurturing environment over a set number of weeks. Women can gather and grow, connect and learn and build strength in the body and the mind. Gathering each week we learn the philosophy of Yoga and how to apply the Teachings to every day life. Practice yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Simply taking time out for self care, to reconnect and restore.

In partnership with South Lanarkshire Leisure and the NHS this program is currently being prescribed to women to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. This programmecan be delivered for organisations for specific groups and individuals alike.

Peaceful Warrior Programme for Teenage GIrls

The Peaceful Warrior programme for teenage girls aims to increase girls participation in activities that will improve their physical and emotional wellbeing and inspire them to reach their full potential in life. The programme has been developed based on my experience in reducing antisocial behaviour and offending and to help reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) to improve life choices and positive outcomes.

During teenage years relationships at home can be difficult and cause a significant amount of pressure to everyone in the family. Workshops and parenting programmes are available to support parents too.


Yoga Classes for Teenagers

Teenage girls are under immense pressure in todays world, influenced by social media and overly critical of themselves. We want to create a positive mindset and positive life choices and habits that last a lifetime by delivering yoga. Young girls in particular have a high drop out rate in sports and physical activity. We want to change this and create a regular yoga practice that creates ” strong bodies, grateful hearts and beautiful minds” for the next generation of women.

Peaceful Parenting Workshops

One of the significant factors to build resilience against Adverse Childhood Experiences is a strong stable relationship with an adult.

Building relationships within the home is critical to the whole families mental and emotional wellbeing, particularly during the teenage years. The National Survey, 2016 for the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution highlighted that 76% of parents said “arguments at home have affected their mental health” whilst 50% of young people and 81% of parents “would like more support to address conflict at home to come from outside the family.”

We can navigate parent/child relationships in a more peaceful way. We can learn how to manage our own stress and help our children manage theirs. Then we can learn to recognise our emotional triggers and talk, listen and be heard.

Get in touch if you are interested in finding out when the next workshops are running.  Workshops can be delivered on behalf of organisations such as schools and support providers for parents and young people too.

Wild Yoga in Nature

Taking our mats outdoors to breath fresh air in beautiful locations.  Yes it will probably be cold, yes it will probably rain but that’s the point! Being exposed in nature and all her glory can be fun!.  Building strong bodies on the mat creates strong minds off the mat.

You don’t need fancy yoga pants or bendy bodies just an open mind and heart.  Find out where you can join in at Book when