Life is a journey and we can learn to have “Sraddha” Faith that we are right where we should be. Along that journey Peaceful Alchemy can pave the way and help build connections with the self, in nature and with others.  When we work with the rhythm and cycles of Mother Nature including the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and each Element we naturally live a healthier lifestyle, walking barefoot on the earth, starting the day outside in sunlight helps our circadian rhythm and rest before bed.  Our bodies are amazing and everything we need is in our DNA to work in harmony with nature.

Peaceful Alchemy reminds us to keep it simple, breathe, move and be present with classes, programmes and events.

The Peaceful Warrior programmes are at the heart of our enterprise and can be bought in by organisations for their workforce , by statutory and 3rd sector services for clients and women themselves can sign up to a program in their area.

Our latest offering Wild Sauna – Wild Yoga in Nature encourages us to get outdoors and flourish.

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